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Heights Wire Belt Balanced Weave is available in three basic types: standard balanced weave, compound balanced weave and double balanced weave. Standard balanced weave wire belts are made with alternating right and left hand spirals joined by crimped connector rods. It is the most commonly used wire mesh belting due to its range of opening sizes.

Balanced wire mesh belting is used for heavy duty applications. This design offers straight tracking and long belt life. Balanced belt is typically produced with round wires. Flat wire can also be used to make flat belting surface.

Double Balanced Wire Belts are similar to balanced weave beltings. The difference is that double balance weave incorporates pairs of right and left hand spirals joined at crimped or straight rods. This construction offers straight tracking and greater strength than a Balanced Weave belt.

A variety of opening sizes and belt strengths are available.
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